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Ronda Parsons
author of
Creating Joy & Meaning for the Dementia Patient
 A Caregiver's Guide to Connection and Hope


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2016 London Book Festival Winner - Honorable Mention

2015 New York Book Festival Winner - Honorable Mention

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Yes, it is possible to connect to those who suffer from dementia  & Alzheimer's Disease. 

For the past ten years I have been a caregiver and have learned how to tap into the heart and mind of the dementia patient.

The dementia sufferer's life has been diminished to small moments of time. By learning how to harness these moments the caregiver can create contentment within the cognitive confines of dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.

My guide teaches the caregiver how to connect the dementia patient to the world around them so they can experience the fundamental pleasures of life like nature, beauty, spirit, humor and joy.

My personal caregiving journey has been one of deep sorrow and great joy. I am hoping that my experiences as a dementia caregiver will leave you uplifted and brimming with hope.

I provide advice to caregivers concerning every aspect of the patient's life.

I share techniques that honor the individual that still resides deep inside each dementia patient so that they may continue to experience the simple joys of everyday life.


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I am pleased to announce that I have been invited to participate in the

Virginia Festival of the Book which will take place

March 16 through 20 at various venues in Charlottesville, VA.

I will be meeting the public and signing copies of my book Creating Joy & Meaning for the Dementia Patient, Saturday, March 19th, from 9am to 4pm at the Book Fair held in the atrium of the Charlottesville Omni Hotel.

I will also be participating in a panel discussion during the course of the festival

  Pick of the Month July, 2015
  "Quite simply the single of that month's Recommended Reading!"

  "Outstanding in its concept and approach and specific in its 'how to' arena,  'Creating Joy & Meaning
   for the Dementia Patient' should be in the libraries of caregivers, families, health providers, and
   any concerned about maintaining high quality of life for dementia patients."



  "This book is brilliant and most certainly one of the most heartfelt books I've read in some time."


  "This guide is highly recommended for caregivers and professionals who deal with dementia and    Alzheimer's patients on a daily basis. Where other guides may talk about communication and    management, this book reaches beyond these subjects and addresses the fundamentals of life - joy    and meaning.  Compelling and satisfyingly specific, Creating Joy & Meaning for the Dementia Patient offers what  few others have achieved: a sense of renewed purpose and concrete approaches that go beyond   'handling' and move into areas of positive experiences for all involved."

 ( D. Donovan, Senior Editor, Midwest Book Review) 


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